Hydrogeology Certification

The Hydrogeology Certificate of Completion offered by the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences is available to both graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals. This certificate is designed for professionals who wish to be recognized as obtaining a broad background in the area of hydrogeology without completion of an advanced degree. This may include geologists currently working in the petroleum industry who wish to obtain positions in the environmental industry, as well as those with hydrogeology positions but lacking formal course work in that area. Classes for certification are offered at the University of Houston main campus, and are typically offered evenings at a time convenient for working professionals.

Admissions requirements: Students seeking the Hydrogeology certificate must have completed a undergraduate degree in science, engineering or a related field. In addition, they must be admitted either (1) to the graduate program in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston or (2) or obtain post-baccalaureate status at the University of Houston. Students seeking only the Hydrogeology Certificate should apply to the Geosciences graduate program as "non-degree seeking" students. For this status it is not necessary to take the GRE (graduate record examination). For students enrolled in the graduate program, courses used for certification can also be used towards a graduate degree. Contact Dr. Regina Capuano (713-743-2957) for course information or Sylvia Marshall (713-743-3401) for registration information.

Certificate Course Requirements: The certificate requires satisfactory completion of 15 hours (5 courses) described below.

  • Hydrogeology (3 cr. hr.) Interdisciplinary study of groundwater, emphasizing the geologic aspects of groundwater flow and chemistry.
  • Fluvial Hydrology (3 cr. hr.) Interdisciplinary study of surface water (and sediments) emphasizing the assessment of flood hazards and the hydrologic effects of urbanization and changing land use.
  • Advanced Hydrogeology (3 cr. hr.) Advanced topics in hydrologic field methods and groundwater principles for saturated and unsaturated media, contaminant transport and numerical simulation of fluid flow.
  • Hydrochemistry (3 cr. hr.) Application of thermodynamic principles to predict reactions in fluid-rock systems under low- and high-temperature and pressure conditions.
  • One approved elective course selected from the following: Geochemistry I, Introduction to GISI, GIS for Geologists I, Atmospheric Sciences I, Environmental and Engineering Geophysics I, Depositional Models I
  • Course substitutions may be allowed on an individual basis.