Seminar Schedule : Spring 2015

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston offers its seminars on most Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. For more information regarding seminars please visit the seminars resource page.

Time: Most seminars are held at 11:00 am. A change of times will be noted under the date of the seminar.

Location: Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in room AH AUD 1 of the Agnes Arnold Auditorium. A change of rooms will be noted in red (bold) in the Date column.

Date Speaker Presentation Host
01/23/15 Yingcai Zheng
Planetary Seismology Fu
Room: F160
Dave Yuen
University of Minnesota
Large Earthquake and Geodynamics over Intermediate Timescales Jadamec
02/06/15 Yungon Lee
Chungnam University
Quantitative estimation for climate variability impacts on trans-Pacific transport of springtime Asian aerosols Choi
02/13/15 Juan Carlos Silva Tamayo
Rise and demise of tropical coral reef during the Eocene - Miocene along the tropical SE Circum Caribbean Saylor
02/20/15 James Ten Cate
Los Alamos Lab
Peculiar behavior: Nonlinear, hysteretic, and memory effects in rocks Zheng
02/27/15 Robert Talbot
Characterizing Fugitive Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale Area Using a Mobile Laboratory Talbot
03/06/15 Tom Herring
Analysis of Long Duration Data from large GPS networks Wang
03/13/15  Eugene Symanski
The tectonic evolution of the Red Sea  Saylor
03/20/15 Spring Break
03/27/15 Laura Wallace
UT Austin
GPS investigation of subduction and continental breakup processes in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands Mann
04/03/15 Christopher Junium
Syracuse University
Carbon and nitrogen cycling during the Proterozoic: lessons from the Great Oxidation Event, the 'boring billion' and the snowball Earth Casey
04/10/15 Margarete Jadamec
Slab Driven Mantle Weakening and Plate-Mantle Decoupling Wang
04/17/15 Dan Lehrmann
Trinity University
Basin-wide assessment of the roles of tectonics, basin fill, margin stability, and seawater chemistry on carbonate platform architecture and evolution: Triassic, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China Silva-Tamayo
04/24/15 Craig Glennie
Crowd-sourcing Earthquake Early Warning and Mobile Laser Scanning: New Approaches to Earthquake Geodesy Khan