Seminar Schedule : Fall 2015

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston offers its seminars on most Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. For more information regarding seminars please visit the seminars resource page.

Time: Most seminars are held at 11:00 am. A change of times will be noted under the date of the seminar.

Location: Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in room 101 SEC of the Science & Engineering Classroom Building. A change of rooms will be noted in red (bold) in the Date column.

Assistance with speaker setup: An EAS TA is assigned the task of: providing lapel microphone and making a sound check, providing remote slide changer with built in laser pointer, and loading the speaker’s slides.  For the spring, 2015, semester this person is: Jay Shelton (jtshelton2@uh.edu).

Date Speaker Presentation Host
09/04/15 Eugene Szymanski
Chevron, Houston
Tectonic evolution of the Red Sea based on low temperature thermochronology Saylor
09/11/15 Bill Hockaday
Baylor University
Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as geochemical tool for investigating the carbon cycle of the past, present, and future Fu
09/18/15 Nicole Downey
UH adjunct
Air quality regulation and oil and gas production in the US  Talbot
09/25/15 Majie Fan
UT Arlington
Sedimentary record of tectonics and paleoclimate Saylor
10/02/15  Ramesh Shrestha
UH Civil Engineering
NCALM research and education  Wang
10/09/15 Zhong Lu
Southern Methodist University
Frontiers of satellite radar remote sensing Wang
10/16/15 Trevor Williams
Texas A&M University
 Insights into antarctic glacial history from provenance of ice-rafted debris  Wellner
10/23/15  Hyongki Lee
UH Dept. Civil & Envr. Engineering
Satellite Remote Sensing for Hydrologic Studies Khan
10/30/15 Soontae Kim
Ajou University, South Korea
Developing the PM2.5 and ozone forecast system over South Korea  Choi
11/06/15  Daniel Imrecke
UH-Clear Lake
Triaasic arc-magmatism and tectonics in the Pamir region, Western China Robinson
11/13/15  Veronica Sanchez
Texas A&M - Kingsville
Extension in Orogenesis: Perspectives from the Himalaya-Tibet Orogen Murphy
11/20/15 Zhicheng Jing
Case Western University
Compression of liquids in Earth and planetary interiors Zheng
11/27/15 Thanksgiving Break

Spring Seminars (Tentative)

Date Speaker Presentation Host
01/22/16 Barry Katz
Lacustrine basin unconventional resource plays: Key differences Wellner
01/29/16 Chris Harig
Princeton University
TBD Jadamec
02/05/16 Anirban Roy
UH postdoc
Frontier area in air quality model development input  Choi
02/12/16 Harm van Avendonk
UT Austin
Structure and early evolution of the northern Gulf of Mexico: New constraints from marine seismic refraction data Mann
02/19/16  Nick Hayman
UT Austin
Mid-Cayman spreading center  Mann
02/26/16 Rob Stewart
 TBD Saylor
03/04/16 Laurent Montesi
University of Maryland
TBD  Jadamec
03/11/16 Jingqiang Tan
UH (postdoc)
Integrated geological characterization of the Lower Paleozoic marine shale formations in the Upper Yangtze Platform: China's most promising shale gas plays Bissada
03/18/16 Spring Break
03/25/16 Tao Sun
UH-EAS Research Associate
Lost Deserts in Antarctica   Bissada
04/01/16  Liz Griffith
UT Arlington
TBD Silva-Tamayo
04/08/16  Thorne Lary
UC Santa Cruz
Surge of Great Earthquakes since 2004 Zheng
04/15/16 Bumseok Chun
TSU (Houston)
Spatial Statistical Analysis and Simulation of the Urban Heat Island Wang/Khan
04/22/16 Bong Wang
Coastal Dune Erosion in Freeport, TX area Derived from Multiple LIDAR data Fu