Seminar Schedule : Fall 2014

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston offers its seminars on most Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters.

Time: Most seminars are held at 4:00 pm. A change of times will be noted under the date of the seminar.

Location: Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in room 117 of the Science and Research Building 1. A change of rooms will be noted in red (bold) in the Date column.

Date Speaker Presentation Host
09/05/14 Paul Mann
How can the past help us understand the future: An 80-year-history of the UH Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Zhou
09/12/14 Steve Pennings
UH Dept. of Biology & Biochem.
Reciprocal feedbacks between crabs and creek growth in coastal salt marshes Lefer
09/19/14 Gerald North
Climate Change Research 2014 Choi
09/26/14 Juske Horita
Texas Tech
Isotope Perspectives on the Deep Carbon Cycle: Implications for Earth Formation and Isotope Biosignatures Fu
10/03/14 Bruce Douglas
Indiana University
Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Deciphering the Tectonic History of SW Montana Wang
10/10/14 Yandi Hu
Nanoscale geochemical reactions: important for oil production and environmental remediation Zhou
10/17/14 Gary Acton
Sam Houston State University
A dynamic Geomagnetic Field Revealed from Coring a Constellation of Paleomagnetic Stations in the Ocean Basins Sager
10/24/14 Danny Stockli
UT Austin
New Departures in Isotopic Provenance Studies Saylor
10/31/14 Masako Tominaga
Michigan State University
The origin of the Jurassic Quiet Zone and the forefront of deep-sea geophysical research method Sager
11/07/14 Brian Horton
UT Austin
Growth and exhumation of the Andean thrust belt and foreland basin during flat-slab subduction in Argentina Saylor
11/14/14 Everett Gibson
Seeking Martian Biosignatures: Tantalizing Evidence within Martian Meteorites Fu
11/21/14 Allison Kennedy Thurmond
Industry-Driven Advances in Predictive Earth System Modeling: Addressing The Paleotopography Challenge iin 4D Khan
11/28/14 Thanksgiving Break

Tentative Spring Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Presentation Host
01/23/15 Yingcai Zheng
Planetary Seismology Fu
01/30/15 Dave Yuen
Large Earthquake and Geodynamics over Intermediate Timescales Jadamec
02/16/15 Juan Carlos Silva Tamayo
Rise and demise of tropical coral reef during the Eocene - Miocene along the tropical SE Circum Caribbean Saylor
02/13/15   Vacant  
02/20/15 James Ten Cate
Los Alamos Lab
Nonlinear elasticity Zheng
02/27/15 Nicole Downey
Earth System Science, LLC
TBD Talbot
03/06/15 Tom Herring
Analysis of Long Duration Data from large GPS networks Wang
03/13/15   Vacant  
03/20/15 Spring Break
03/27/15 Laura Wallace
UT Austin
GPS investigation of subduction and continental breakup processes in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Isolands Mann
04/03/15 Christopher Junium
Syracuse University
TBD Casey
04/10/15 Margarete Jadamec
TBD Wang
04/17/15 Dan Lehrmann
Trinity University
Basin-wide assessment of the roles of tectonics, basin fill, margin stability, and seawater chemistry on carbonate platform architecture and evolution: Triassic, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China Silva-Tamayo