Department Committees

Department Committees

Seminar Committee

Materiel Committee

Personnel, Tenure and Promotion

Graduate Advisors

Graduate Curriculum

Graduate Admissions

Computer Software Support Committee

Web Committee

Fund-raising/Development/Alumni Relations

Bylaws Committee

Annual Milton Dobrin Lecture Committee

Annual UH student Research Day and Alumni/Industry Open House

Scholarships and Awards

Class Scheduling

Undergraduate Studies

Space Committee

Safety Committee

Field Camp Committee

Professional and External Programs Committee

Annual Robert E. Sheriff Lecture Committee

TA Assignment Committee

Graduate Student Committee

  • Elita De Abreu - Geophysics (Committee Chair)
  • Jaymason Shelton - Atmospheric Science
  • TBD - Geology

Industry Recruiting

Geophysics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Fundraising Committee

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) Committtees

College Academic Honesty

College Faculty Development Leave

College Outstanding Teaching

College Undergraduate Studies

College Policy

College Curriculum Committee

College Governance

College Promotion and Tenure

College Graduate Studies

SR1 Building Committee (representatives shown for each floor of the building)

  1. Robert Stewart, Anoop William (EAS) (Includes Basement)
  2. Guaquan Wang (EAS)
  3. Alan Brandon (EAS)
  4. Paul Mann (EAS) (Committee Chair)
  5. Rebecca Forrest (Physics)
  6. Liming Li (Physics)
  7. Alex Freundlich (Physics)

Ex officio: Fred McGhee, Mike Mahanay, NSM Dean’s Office; Dan Wells, NSM Dean; and Emily Messa, Office of the Vice President