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UH AAPG Wildcatters

UH AAPG Wildcatters

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is the world’s largest geological group and strives for the advancement in geological technology and research while providing a wide variety of professional opportunities such as conferences, publications, and educational services. The University of Houston’s AAPG Student Chapter bridges the gap between professionals and UH geoscience students interested in careers in oil and gas exploration. UH AAPG hosts monthly meetings, guest lecturers from academia and industry, field trips, and other social activities that are geared toward promoting student involvement in petroleum geology. Meetings are held on campus and are open to students, faculty, and industry professionals.

Advisor: Qi Fu, Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo
Contact: aapg.wildcatters@gmail.com
Club Website: www.aapg.uh.edu
Official Organization Website: www.aapg.org

2015-2016 Officers:
  • President: Yiduo Liu
  • Vice President: Atif Hariz
  • Treasurer: Manuel Paez Reyes
  • Secretary: Crystal Saadeh



The University of Houston student chapter of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) is a student organization dedicated to education and advancements in environmental and engineering geology, geophysics, and hydrogeology. The activities of the chapter range from seminar series to field trips and outreach. AEG membership is free for students and is open to any interested student. AEG contributes to its members’ professional success and the public welfare by providing leadership, advocacy, and opportunities to be involved in applied research.

Advisor: Regina Capuano
Contact: AEGatUH@gmail.com
Club Website: www.aeg.uh.edu
Official Organization Website:

2014-2015 Officers:

  • President:  Rhys Davies
  • Vice President: Alison Bennet
  • Treasurer: Bria Patterson
  • Secretary: Melissa Nunez

UH American Meteorological Society

The American Meteorological Society Student Chapter is a nonprofit student organization designed to foster the academic and professional growth of students pursuing meteorology or other related fields through engagement in community outreach, education, and social events.

Advisor: Barry Lefer
Contact: uhstudentams@gmail.com
Club Website: cams.nsm.uh.edu
Official Organization Website:

2015-2016 Officers:

  • President: Sara Janak
  • Vice President: Sergio Gutierrez
  • Treasurer: Maryam Rasti
  • Secretary: Margarita Reza
  • Graduate Advisors: Jay Shelton & Alex Kotsakis

UH GeoSociety

UH GeoSociety

The Geological Society at the University of Houston is dedicated to providing geoscience students with opportunities for further education, networking, and fellowship. We are also a platform from which University of Houston students can give back to the local community by volunteering. Every year, GeoSociety volunteers at local geosciences events, hosts social gatherings, and takes members on a winter field trip to a unique geologic location. GeoSociety hosts monthly meetings which are open to all university students and faculty.

Advisors: Thomas Lapen, Paul Mann, Mike Murphy
Club Website: www.geosociety.uh.edu
Contact: geosocietyatuh@gmail.com

2014-2015 Officers:
  • President: Alex Cheney
  • Vice President: Eric Mendez
  • Treasurer: Anthony Rios
  • Secretary: Maisha Mujib
  • Activities Coordinators: David Lankford and Blaize Thorpe
  • Graduate Student Representative: Michael Ann Dernille
  • Webmaster: Shantel Cole
  • Historians: Stephane Sosal and Sabrina Martinez

SEG Wavelets

SEG Wavelets

SEG Wavelets is the University of Houston's Society of Exploration Geophysicists student chapter. It devoted to promoting education in geophysics. We work with professional organizations, industry professionals, University of Houston faculty, and other EAS student organizations to bring those students educational, social, and possible future employment opportunities.

Advisor: John Castagna, Robert Stewart
Contact: segwavelets@gmail.com
Club Website: www.segwavelets.uh.edu
Official Organization Website: www.seg.org

2015-2016 Officers:
  • President: Elita de Abreu
  • Vice President: Andrea Paris
  • Treasurer: Zohreh Souri
  • Secretary: Sharif Morshed
  • Alumni Chair: Zohreh Souri
  • Event Chair: David Mora
  • Alumni & Membership Chair: Zuralmy Camacho
  • Media Chair: Veronica Guzman

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