EAS at Conferences

Students and faculty from the University of Houston Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences will be attending various association meetings during the 2015–2016 academic year. Below is a list of meetings UH representatives will attend and details for each event.

SEG Annual Meeting
Dallas, TX - Oct. 16–21, 2016
Details: http://seg.org/Annual-Meeting-2016
EAS Presentations

Gordon Research Conference Interior of the Earth
South Hadley, MA - June 7–12, 2015
Details: www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=12544
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14th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics
Olérons, France - Aug. 31–Sept. 5, 2015
Details: sites.google.com/site/geodynamicsxiv/
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GCAGS Convention
Houston, TX - Sep. 20–22, 2015
Details: www.gcagshouston.com
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GeoPRISMS Theoretical and Experimental Institute on Subduction Cycles and Deformation
Redondo Beach, CA - Oct. 12–14, 2015
Details: geoprisms.org/tei-scd-2015/
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SEG Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA - Oct. 18–23, 2015
Details: www.seg.org/web/seg-new-orleans-2015/
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GSA Annual Meeting
Baltimore, MD - Nov. 1–4, 2015
Details: community.geosociety.org/gsa2015/home
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UH-HGS Sheriff Lecture Student Poster Competition
Houston, TX - Nov. 16, 2015
Details: www.eas.uh.edu/news-events/sheriff-lecture/
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AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, CA - Dec. 14–18, 2015
Details: fallmeeting.agu.org/2015/
EAS Presentations

SPE/AAPG Offshore Colombia
Bogota, Colombia - Mar. 2–3, 2016
Details: www.spe.org/events/15acar/
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GSA South-Central Section Meeting
Baton Rouge, LA - Mar. 21–22, 2016
Details: www.geosociety.org/Sections/sc/2016mtg/
EAS Presentations

CIG All Hands Meeting - Interdisciplinary Directions in Computational Geophysics
Davis, CA - June 17–24, 2016
Details: geodynamics.org/cig/events/calendar/2016-cig-all-hands-meeting/
EAS Presentations

AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition
Calgary, AB, Canada - June 19–22, 2016
Details: ace.aapg.org/2016
EAS Presentations

Goldschmidt Annual Meeting
Sacramento, CA - June 26–July 1, 2016
Details: http://goldschmidt.info/2016/

UH EAS Presentations - 2015–2016 Academic Year

Sep. 2015–Aug. 2016
SEG 36
GSA 18
Sheriff Lecture 43
AGU 54
SPE/AAPG Offshore 1
Goldschmidt N/A
Total 178